Nothing Sacred Breathing Hatred

An About-face 2 Racism in the US – 2017

About Face 4 Blacks & Whites

This is my very first post on

       Sade, the biracial singer,  once lyricized this:

“There’s nothing sacred breathing hatred / we have to face it. “

Truth by Sade….

Truth by fleetwoodchristie….

Here i attempt to face it; here i will NOT attempt to save face. Here, i will do an ABOUT FACE, and try to break through my own strongholds of hatred 4 others.

….in this blog you will find…..

🔱Honest thoughts & personal experiences of racism in the US

🔱Casting out of demon (s) racism

🔱Emotionally strong topics that will NOT be addressed “politicallycorrect”😆

🔱Tough questions about healing the divide & celebrating our culture

🔱Radical Calls to Conscience & Immediate Action…..

……..will ya’ll join with me?

Will we turn around & truly look in our hearts, fellow Americans?!

GOD- have mercy on us-& please give us one more chance to do an about face on the black & white🔱

@men & thank you


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Bob Dylan – Delightful Trip [released3/2017]:

Watch “Bob Dylan – Delightful Trip [released3/2017]” on YouTube

Bob Dylan – Delightful Trip [released3/2017]:

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