“One day we’re gonna wake up/and the ghetto’s all around/ All over my friend / Have you ever seen a man break down?/ Do you know how that feels/ To walk the street with your head held high?/ No one can take it (how can they take that much)/ And feel no pain?”

                                                    –SADE, Feel No Pain (1992)

Mouth open & insert foot, white people. Why is the black community still crying out in pain? For that matter, all impoverished and forgotten folk? I find myself at an impasse, a block of sorts; it is blocking my understanding…

…in prayer i see.

       There is no such thing as writer’s block. It is a myth. Reality for me: do not want to face all the garbage in my subconscious. To do so, i woukd have to donne some serious mud-boots. I would have to our those subconscious-mud-boots on, and go a-sloshing around in my own mind–that disgusting, miry,  dog-shit pit of self-destruction.

When i look at that task and what it requires, I tremble….

…..but I am doing it ya’ll…..

I have my boots on,  and I’m asking myself,  “Christie, are you racist?”


…but then i ask my subconscious, “Christie’s Subconscious Mind, are you racist?”


“O God, what has my culture turned me into? O God, forgive me and make my mind whole and complete again. Introduce me to the people you would have me meet, and use them Lord to repair my broken mind.”

Sade’s Feel No Pain on YouTube 
PLEASE listen to the song and read the lyrics posted below.  Ask yourself, have we as Americans let everyone dance? 

We have some energy soul searching to do–and quickly now!!

Best to you all, c.